How to Avoid Sinus Infections?

Sinus infections can really be a pain in the nose. However there are ways to avoid sinus infections and the terrible symptoms. A common sense way to avoid sinus infections is to always stay clean. The best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands. This kills the germs that are on your hands and your hands touch everything.

Some more tips to avoid sinus infections or to recover more quickly from one is to drink hot tea. It does not matter the type of tea you drink whether it is green, black or herbal. The important part is to drink hot liquids. This allows for hydration which can lead to washing the mucus from your sinuses. This is turn will cure you faster from your sinus infection. Chicken soup is also effective. It does the same thing as tea. Also chicken soup is known as the best home remedy for making someone feel better when they are sick.

Putting moisture in the air can also help avoid a sinus infection. If the air conditioner is on it keeps the air dry and this is not good. Another tip to be cured from a sinus infection is to apply wet bandages on your face. Warm water is the best because it allows for the cilia to move more efficiently. You must apply these three times a day for a period of five minutes on your face.

To clean your sinuses I recommend using a type of sinus wash as discussed in an earlier article. By following these simple steps you can help avoid a sinus infection. Also if you are to use these steps when you have a sinus infection it can help to relieve pressure and make you feel better. The main thing you can do though to avoid a sinus infection is to constantly wash hands especially during flu and cold season.